Sara Popović | About Me
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About Me

About me & my work

Sara Popović is a photographer and  photo educator based out in Southeast Europe. Specializing in beauty, fashion, portrait and food photography, her photographic portfolio spans through various fields of photography. Each of her photographs tells a story of a person she captures with her camera. As her passion is travelling, Sara also loves experimenting with landscape photography.

Sara Popović is a acclaimed photographer, available for booking worldwide.

Welcome to my world

Photography is her big passion since kindergarten, when her father introduced her to magic of National Geographic magazine. She decided to refine her knowledge by choosing photography as her major during high school, and pursuing career opportunities as a photography asisstant to Nikola Ilić, also Belgrade based photographer. Her studies continued on Academy of Arts, where she met some of her first clients as a freelance photographer.

After finishing her studies and working as a freelance, she finally became editor in chief of a regional photography website, and also cooking platform Even though her editorial work was fullfiling, Sara returned to her main love photography, and quickly risen to work among the top photographers on Belgrade scene. Starting from 2018. she is now working internationally, with clients in Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, France, Switzerland, Austria, etc.